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What is the minimum age to rent a boat or jetski?


You must be at least 18 years of age with a valid drivers license to rent and operate a watercraft.


Is Fuel Included in the Rental Price?


No, we provide you with a full tank of fuel and you are responsible for the fuel you use upon your return. We use Marine Grade Fuel in all our watercraft. 


Do you take Debit Cards?


Yes for the rental amount only, we do not accept debit cards for the deposit. Please come prepared with a credit card or cash for your deposit.



Who has to be at the check out?


Anyone who is going to be driving the watercraft needs to be present to sign the paperwork and go through the orientation. Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your reservation time to take care of the check in procedures.


Are Pets allowed on the Boats?


We recommend you make other arrangements for your pets, however pets are allowed for an additional non-fefundable charge of $25.00. If any damage is done from your pet it will be deducted from your damage deposit.


Do we get charged a cleaning fee?


There is a $25.00 cleaning fee on any boat returned dirty. Our definition of dirty is: stains on the carpet, full of sand or mud, food or drink spilled, or any pet hair. We do understand you are on a lake too.


Can we rent more then one jet ski?


Due to the extreme number of accidents and personal injury, we can not rent more then one jet ski to a group of people who know each other. Even if you come in separately or at different times we cannot rent an additional jet ski. We recommend that in addition to renting a jet ski you also consider renting a ski boat or pontoon boat. Please note groups trying to rent multiple jet ski's and later discovered will both lose their damage deposit. This is for your own safety and the safety of others. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Do you offer insurance?


No, you are responsible for any damage to the watercraft. We require a $400 damage deposit plus the rental amount. The starting rate for a boat/jetski mechanic is $90 an hour plus parts. We expect you to treat the watercraft like it was yours.


Cancellation Policy

We require a non refundable 5% down payment for reservations. Holidays and holiday weekend reservation no shows will be charged the full reservation amount. This is due to the number of people we turn away to hold the watercraft for you. Unsafe weather conditions can be applied as an exception.

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