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This is the board that every pro on our team has ridden and maybe still would if they didn’t have a pro model with characteristics from this timeless shape. The mellow 3 stage rocker helps you go big off the wake while the spiral V mid-section displaces the water for soft landings. The lifted variable edge and quad vented channels at the tips give you optimal response and control. Ride with the center fin for extra control and bite or remove it for a fun, playful feel. Built and designed for fun on the water, this board has a performance feel yet has forgiveness off the wake for learning new tricks and taking your ability to the next level.

Liquid Force Classic Wakeboard


    • Progressive, 3-Stage Rocker
    • Quad Vented Channels at Tips
    • Crisp Molded in Fins
    • Spiral "V" With double Concave Mid-Section
    • Lifted Variable Edge Rail
    • Removable Center Fin
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